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ID 23825

Blake Burris

Founder & Chief Hactivist of the global #Cleanweb movement; catalyzing entrepreneurs to make our cities more livable and sustainable. fbFund recipient

ID 308503

Dmitry Mykhalchuk

Founder and CEO of @lookwider (my passion) Master of finance in Kiev State University of Economics 3 years experience at stock market

ID 349721

Andriy Sergiyenko

Founder Listex. Founder Oreenge. Master's in Applied Mathematics. Worked at Medtronic and BMC. Focused on software engineering.

ID 33687

Dane McLeod

Founder @tapru-gosave (Previous @extrabux). Love building teams of exceptionally talented & passionate engineers. Mobile Ad Tech. Los Angeles + Kyiv, Ukraine.

ID 48402

Andrey Horsev


CEO of @908 Inc. Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, networker, bootstrapper!

ID 435137

Furtak Aleksandr

Co-founder and CTO of @dressboom @national-technical-university-of-ukraine-kyiv-polytechnic-institute and @kyiv-national-university-of-trade-and-economics

ID 188704

Stas Matviyenko

CEO - @advice-wallet, Geek, Startupper, Traveller

ID 4089

Vitaly M. Golomb

CEO @printmo-by-keen // CEO @europe Venture Summit // Mentor @500startups @happy-farm @innovation-nest // Award-winning designer // Speaker

ID 175138

Alexei Chapko

Founder & CEO @newzmate-inc. 8 years of experience in business and product development. Worked in IT consulting, advertising and IT startups. Certified coach.

ID 213601

Aladdin Happy (Shchaslyvyi)

Founder, CEO of Concert.Expert Serial entrepreneur, musician and web-developer. Since 1999 - 6 web projects from beginning to profitability.

ID 133453

Ken Leaver


Partner at EastLabs. CEO of @groupon Ukraine, Executive @visa. 7 years strategy consulting (@bcg, @strategy-partners). IESE MBA, Bachelors from @cornell-university

ID 202311

Artem Volos

COO/CFO & Co-founder @clutch-prep (previously @j-p-morgan-1)

ID 12572

Dr. Eike B. Post

Entrepreneuer, expert on marketing and product management. Studied business, law, IT (Master and PhD, Berkeley and Cornell).

ID 106713

Kirill Bigai

Passionate entrepreneur. Founder @preply • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine; Worked at Nokia Siemens Networks and MTS.

ID 198373

Anton Karpenko


I am KARPOLAN, you can Google it :)

ID 5252

Joe Shapiro

CEO of oncam. 8 year making hi-tech internet video. Strong business and product development background. Wharton 2005.

ID 293283

Roman Kostochka


Founder & CEO @coursmos. Entrepreneur.

ID 161196

Daniel Tonkopiy


Founder&CEO @best-ua (Acquired) @x-rift-augmented-reality-mobile-game, @adlog-tv, SkyNetMobile, DreamCatcher, Cofounder&COO @chudocard,

ID 71137

Denis Igin

Passionate entrepreneur, 2 companies and 2 startups launched, had an exit

ID 128799

Xiangting Nepiuk

Co-founder/CEO Co-founder

ID 106182

Andrei Terentyev


ID 26612

Michael Babich

Entrepreneur and traveler, founder of @rocketstart. Passionate about personal growth, sports, photography, design, technology, and good reading.

ID 92485

Nathan Melnyk

CEO and Co-Founder @vtalkie

ID 177808

Nikolay Pavlov

Entrepreneur, been from network engineer (Unix, Cisco, FreeBSD, Perl, Ruby, R) to marketer (SEO, PPC). Dropped out of college for computers and self-education.

ID 354265

Petro Bondarevskyi

Founder @iig-internet-investments-group mini MBA at MIM 2008, MA at University of 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' (2006) Strong business, project producer, graph. design

ID 321210

Dmitry Kravchenko

Co-founder and CMO of @salepowers - Sales productivity tool for Linkedin

ID 170596

Jef Lawson

Entrepreneur. Investor @hostua, @cdnua, Netcaloud.

ID 175803

Dmytro Shandyba

Founder @newzmate-inc • Skilled technical manager and software developer. Worked at DirecTV, Serena Software and Presente3D. Masters degree in Software Engineering.

ID 186856

Alexander Naumenko

Working @apptopia • Founder @unshared-tv

ID 174714

Inna Ponomarenko

Tea drinker in Kiev. I live and breathe entrepreneurship. Startup and investment strategy advisor. EIR at a VC fund. Kiev, Ukraine ·

ID 425972

Eugene Romanchuk

Founder @camopulse-1,Studied at @kiev-state-university-of-economics

ID 110875

Alexey Pokatilo

Founder and CEO of Virtual Learning Solutions. Co-founder of Worked at BCG, Credit Suisse and P&G. MSc degree from LBS. BSc degree from LSE

ID 91985

Sergey Kirillov

Founded and sold several companies. Now working on

ID 105838

Yuriy Lipatov

Co-founder & COO at Scrollmall. In past: Head of BizDev at Settle, CEO & co-founder of, CEO at Smi)e Ukraine, Regional BizDev Director at AlterGeo

ID 239807

Daniel Berezner

I am Very goal oriented, extremely motivated and not a quitter. I am known to be a risk taker. life is short and you should live it , rather than simply exist.

ID 202780

Alona Demochko

Founder&COO @beondesk

ID 138199

Slava Baranskyi

@pure founder, digital advertising specialist, top Russian blogger, worked in @yandex

ID 140319

Volodymyr Nepiuk

Co-founder/CEO/CTO Co-founder @xoposho-com

ID 158234

Vladimir Dybenko

Founder of @bidon-games. The first software startup in 2002. Strong management background (2 years in a big soft. com.), 1st iPhone app published in 2008

ID 712472

Kostiantyn Biriukov

Founder @whiteboards and @officemax.Ukraine

ID 142106

Oleg Kogan

Founder @your-simply, @look-and-feel-design

ID 283947

Alexandr Gribenko

Chief Product Owner @LIGA 1st startup in 1999 Product and business dev in IT, Telecom, Media & Localization industries. EBS MBA in 2012.

ID 228542

Alex Pavlenko

CEO of Time Inspector. #1 in time tracking software

ID 63595

Dmitry Degtyarov

Business Management: Finance & Marketing Honors Degree, Bradford UK 2010. Worked in marketing, banking, finance & economic sector development. Ideas generator.

ID 350163

Andrew Dryga

Co-founder of OneDayOfMine. Developing things since i was 14. Dropped university to work in my 1st startup.

ID 137499

Claudio Naldi

Co-founder & CEO of Hypereight. Mobile Games Startup Since May 2013

ID 487155

ronel hands


this is sparta

ID 283849

Kateryna Pylypchuk

Master of civil and corporate law, Marketing and Management specialist diploma, grew from account to client service director in advertising agency. Enterpreneur

ID 338947

Evgeniy Ilchenko

Founder Microtenders. Worked at BNP Paribas, OTP Bank, Alfa-Bank. Studied at National Technical University of Ukraine

ID 349763

Eugene Baranchuk

Product guy. Frontend adept. Founder @listex

ID 20596

Pavels Romanovskis

FMCG, Retail, Procurement / Marketing executive, father of 5, lives in Riga, Latvia

ID 427106

Michael Skrychevsky

CTO & Cofounder at @luciding, Founder @request-1, Quezzle • Worked at @svitla-systems-inc • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine

ID 285671

Alexandr Mikhaylenko

CBDO of Jeapie. Master's degree in CS and Math. Experienced entrepreneur (founded several IT projects)

ID 350334

Vlad Tislenko

Founder, CEO at @iblazr • Studied International Management at @king-s-college College London

ID 212181

Alex Filatov

Founder of CXRate. Natural born Web Developer, 15+ years software development experience

ID 422068

Dmitry Gaiduk

Founder @cooltool-com • Worked at @umg-research-international, @comcon-ukraine • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine

ID 271775

Stanislav Levandovsky

CEO of Reborn Ukraine. Brilliant artist and businessman. Green Awards Ukraine winner with Soundlife. The best father of his son. Bank of Ideas. Knight of light.

ID 321194

Artemey Melnikov

Founder "Lemur" Take Away Coffee Bar

ID 351290

Stanislav Polyakov

CEO of Gardenello. 10 years in sales, management, online and offline marketing. Technology is a strong hobby.

ID 90855

Paul Roik

Strong technological background. Worked as programmer.

ID 625978

Anatolii Stepaniuk

Founder @izzly • Studied at @taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (MD in Experimental Nuclear Physics) • Engineer at Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research

ID 477922

Alex Mukho

Worked at @bilberrry

ID 689305

Artem Norba

Founder @izzly • Marketing Strategist with 4 years Experience in Internet Advertising • Former RTB-analyst • I'm here to listen.

ID 314850

Mykhail Galushko

Co-founder at DevRain Solutions, co-founder of AppClub, Microsoft MVP

ID 424063

Max Pavlov

Master in Computer Science. Lead the development of large-scale distributed software systems with .Net. Current main focus are responsive web and mobile development.

ID 300961

Nikita Yampolski

Co-founder at Unadox, Freetimize and New Clear Radio. Possesses decades of tech experience in international IT, Software, Telecom, Internet and Sales.

ID 180823

Ross Dzikovskyy

Product Manager. BA Computer Science. Founder @bilberrry, @roomsty-com

ID 108047

Bohdan Chechin

Co-founder and CTO, @loum

ID 288480

Dmitriy Borzenkov

CEO of Jeapie. Strong networking skills, business experience, presentations, evangelism

ID 285775

Alexander Shtukar

Smart and talented copywriter/creator (LeoBurnett). Author of Take It Easy service idea. Mobile Zaratustra.

ID 310824

Alex Ogorodnyk

Founder @cheqr, @ibwt-management

ID 104777

Alex Potrivaev

Entrepreneur, designer and amateur astronomer

ID 224086

Denys Nikolayenko

Founder @ StepInMobile • Co-founder @

ID 292547

Oleg Yakimets

CEO of IBABAI. 1st software startup out of executive career. Strong business and leadership background in General and Operational Management, Sales & Marketing.

ID 265235

Oleg Botvenko

ID 295467

Fillip Lungu


CEO of Fitty. Young enterpreneur with strong technical background and passion for learning by doing.

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