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ID 398600

Igor Gladchenko

Founder @recruitbinder, CTO @the-planet-of-hotels, CIO @IDGIndigo

ID 396211

Sergey Kapitonov

Almost 7 years of experience and counting.

ID 147097

Vladimir Kuryatnik

8 years of experience in web development. Passion for modern technologies and startups. Founder @project-lirullu, @likemarks • Worked at @ucoz

ID 542435

Leonid Gorev

Founder @ukushuka

ID 306853

Dennis Berg

Over 10 years experience in web-design and development. I build secure and usable sites and webapps.

ID 184689

Yuriy Sokolov

UX Designer @epam Results-driven UI/UX design professional with 5 years experience in designing different large scale websites and mobile applications.

ID 375878

Oleś Gergun

ID 872180

Mike Kotkov

Founder, co-founder Concert.Expert  DJ, musician and web/ui designer.

ID 298744

Kyryl Bystriakov

Full cycle product management experience - from Idea to launch and beyond. Windows, Mac, iOS, Web. I understand business, customers, development & design.

ID 203118

Andrey Klen

Co-founder & COO @petcube • Co-Founder @glorypets • Visual Communication Wizard

ID 167981

Maxim Tkachuk

• Founder @trendkill-designers • Worked at @frog-design, @UsabilityLab • Studied Design at Usability Week (NNGroup) and Software Development at ZSTU

ID 302563

Masood Safdarian


Worked at @stb-media • Investor @the-walt-disney-company, @pixar-animation-studios • Studied at @school-of-visual-arts

ID 92485

Nathan Melnyk

CEO and Co-Founder @vtalkie

ID 4089

Vitaly M. Golomb

CEO @printmo-by-keen // CEO @europe Venture Summit // Mentor @500startups @happy-farm @innovation-nest // Award-winning designer // Speaker

ID 140669

Dmitri Voronianski

Software developer, co-founder @likeastore, pixel hunter

ID 501907

Vasyl Slobodian


Presentation Designer. Most interesting in creating pitch deck for startups.

ID 381529

Denys Nevozhai

Designed UX for all Paymentwall's products. (Webby honoree), Hard worker, perfectionist, 100% dedicated to company, strong team player.

ID 307890

Olga Shalakhina

CMO, Designer, Artist Founder @kartoonart

ID 104777

Alex Potrivaev

Entrepreneur, designer and amateur astronomer

ID 268491

Max Babenko

Max Babenko [email protected] Walls. Educated as a lawyer, designer as a calling. Founder of the art project

ID 91948

Dmitry Kurkin

Creative director and co-founder of @sigma-ukraine; 13 years of experience in web design and internet software development, usability for web and mobile.

ID 156993

Shpakov Viktor

UX Designer, Interaction Designer. Designed many strong projects in US, Russia and Ukraine.

ID 348677

Illya Osa

Im expert UI/UX developer and designer with 9 years experience. I'll be glad to help you with ui/ux for mobile and web apps. Also i'm professional coder.

ID 415866


ID 230056

Andrey Retinskiy

Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, 10+ years of experience

ID 370409

Andrey Gordiyenko

Founder of Checkroom. UI/UX designer.

ID 655865

Alexandr Anufrienko


ID 770682

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ID 882959

Alexander Zapadenko

I'm a talanted senior-level designer with a proven track record of exceeding customers’ expectations and delivering exceptional result.

ID 547849

Ana Prykhodko

Product designer @publicfast and @myscore

ID 872226

Tony Tomko

Working at Playson

ID 286494

Eduard Kantsypa

Expert in Electronics/Hardware Development incl. Consumer and Networking Equipment

ID 768494

Max Paladii

ID 622003

Konstantin Kotov

Graphic Designer at @miracor. Digital ad experience (@Smartica Ukraine, @peppermint Interactive), Art Direction experience (@sq Dev, @Scene, @Ktw Dsgn)

ID 300010

Александр Николенко

sencha\extjs ninja

ID 575503

Aleksey Kuzmenko

Web/Mobile, UI/UX Designer, Design Team Lead

ID 435075

Igor Mironets

Worked at @fine-puzzles

ID 648681

Michael Pyrkh

UI/ UX Designer at & Whatt.Inc

ID 582673

Alex Siman

Software engineer. Full stack web developer. Looking for remote job.

ID 176833

Alexandra Denisova

Conceptual and ui design (web and mobile) Design lead

ID 282405

Anton Diatlov

Founder Knigotopia

ID 530542

Maxim I

Business analyst, technical team leader.

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