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ID 426695

Ilya Zobnov

Product Director & Founder @iq-friends

ID 784359

Kateryna Kravchenko

Experienced Project Manager and Client Service Manager in variety of fields, bilingual english/russian

ID 448052

Nastya Monastyrskaya

Editor at @glorypets • Studied at @taras-shevchenko-national-university-of-kyiv

ID 231386

Tanya Luchyno


Worked @happy-farm, @imperious-group • Investor @hashtago, @chooos • Studied @uc-berkeley-haas-school-of-business, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 202311

Artem Volos

COO/CFO & Co-founder @clutch-prep (previously @j-p-morgan-1)

ID 292547

Oleg Yakimets

CEO of IBABAI. 1st software startup out of executive career. Strong business and leadership background in General and Operational Management, Sales & Marketing.

ID 106182

Andrei Terentyev


ID 254429

Oksana Bosovych

Passionate executive with startup launching and business development experience and venture management expertise with marketing background. 

ID 239807

Daniel Berezner

I am Very goal oriented, extremely motivated and not a quitter. I am known to be a risk taker. life is short and you should live it , rather than simply exist.

ID 727439

Vlad Sheykman

Founder ARQuest • Studied at @east-ukrainian-state-university Strong social gaming background.

ID 128799

Xiangting Nepiuk

Co-founder/CEO Co-founder

ID 270724

Inna Rumiantseva

Business strategy, product, marketing, sales, operations, project management, investor relations

ID 448042

Olga Chumakova

Executive with ten-year experience managing all levels of multiple healthcare, financial and insurance projects

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 844345

Alexander Gostev

Product Manager with the mix of skills which is hard to find. Developed, launched and optimized web and mobile software products. Can consult remotely.

ID 286494

Eduard Kantsypa

Expert in Electronics/Hardware Development incl. Consumer and Networking Equipment

ID 67074

Oleg Varava

CEO/Founder @me-too-intelligent-business-solutions • Worked at @epam-systems, @spline-software

ID 5252

Joe Shapiro

CEO of oncam. 8 year making hi-tech internet video. Strong business and product development background. Wharton 2005.

ID 859280

Val Danylenko

Previously, a project manager for website of Postmodern, the studio of visual effects production. Currently, an operations manager in InSmarty.

ID 441970

Luke Angell

US expat w/ 15 yrs of entrepreneurial experience in B2C Internet, mobile & TV ventures, launched multiple start-ups in UK & Eastern Europe, looking to come home

ID 424722

Alexander Beletsky

Founder and CEO of @likeastore | In love with technology and beautiful design.

ID 546565

Artem Rumiantsev

Outstanding Project Manager. Launched 2 successful web projects. Worked in banking & finance.

ID 420832

Evgeny Derkach


More than 10 years in web development. More than 100 completed web projects with different level of difficulty

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