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ID 67074

Oleg Varava

CEO/Founder @me-too-intelligent-business-solutions • Worked at @epam-systems, @spline-software

ID 659415

Serge Lubkin

Platform for organizing collective purchases. Shario lets you buy any product in retail for wholesale price. It helps to save customers money.

ID 231386

Tanya Luchyno


Worked @happy-farm, @imperious-group • Investor @hashtago, @chooos • Studied @uc-berkeley-haas-school-of-business, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 694633

Anna Rabotnikova

ID 465676

Pavel Tsarevskiy

Cambridge MBA, professional manager with significant experience in business and technology

ID 441970

Luke Angell

US expat w/ 15 yrs of entrepreneurial experience in B2C Internet, mobile & TV ventures, launched multiple start-ups in UK & Eastern Europe, looking to come home

ID 730151

Sergey Shukaylo

@happy-tom  @mycash-ua  @olimp-consulting

ID 639137

Дмитрий Ткаченко

Founder @smmgroup, @shkola-co

ID 354265

Petro Bondarevskyi

Founder @iig-internet-investments-group mini MBA at MIM 2008, MA at University of 'Kyiv-Mohyla Academy' (2006) Strong business, project producer, graph. design

ID 844816

Vadim Kudrey

Business development at @budgy-1 . Expert in developing business strategies, setting up and managing new business units.

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 732936

Denys Vorobyov

ID 142106

Oleg Kogan

Founder @your-simply, @look-and-feel-design

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