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ID 512156

Vyacheslav Boychenko

Looking for h1b transfer. Full stack Android engineer, was born to solve complex tasks. Lot of successful Android applicaitons

ID 198373

Anton Karpenko


I am KARPOLAN, you can Google it :)

ID 349721

Andriy Sergiyenko

Founder Listex. Founder Oreenge. Master's in Applied Mathematics. Worked at Medtronic and BMC. Focused on software engineering.

ID 192715

Alexey Kachayev

Snappy programmer-fanatic: СPython contributor and functional programming evangelist. Strong background in real-time applications and cloud computing.

ID 186856

Alexander Naumenko

Working @apptopia • Founder @unshared-tv

ID 212181

Alex Filatov

Founder of CXRate. Natural born Web Developer, 15+ years software development experience

ID 320914

Kseniya Rayetskaya

QA Engineer. Advanced at web-testing, eager to learn new things.

ID 469748

Stanislav Yurin

Founder @immute-co • Worked at @trinetix-llc

ID 125359

Viktor Voronin

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer from Kiev, Ukraine.

ID 393742

Dmitry Ganzhelo

ID 5252

Joe Shapiro

CEO of oncam. 8 year making hi-tech internet video. Strong business and product development background. Wharton 2005.

ID 187013

Artem Kramarenko

Senior Rails Developer at @apptopia.

ID 350163

Andrew Dryga

Co-founder of OneDayOfMine. Developing things since i was 14. Dropped university to work in my 1st startup.

ID 829505

Michael P

Backend developer with frontend knowledge. Prefer Python || Javascript.

ID 32244

Dimitrij Aleshkov


Entrepreneur with passion for projects! Husband, father, and owner of small IT companies. Lives in Helsingborg, plays chess and hangs out with friends.

ID 461859

Sergey Shutovsky

Full stack developer - system architect

ID 200179

Roman Dunin

Founder&CEO BeOnDesk • CTO at • Studied at @national-aviation-university

ID 147097

Vladimir Kuryatnik

8 years of experience in web development. Passion for modern technologies and startups. Founder @project-lirullu, @likemarks • Worked at @ucoz

ID 140319

Volodymyr Nepiuk

Co-founder/CEO/CTO Co-founder @xoposho-com

ID 91985

Sergey Kirillov

Founded and sold several companies. Now working on

ID 409605

Andriy Tyurnikov

For web developer career choice is rather narrow: A) join happy team; B) build solid foundation for something new; C) manage existing clusterfuck. No more "C"s

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 284338

Dmytro Storozhuk

Drupal master.

ID 591221

Andrey Sokolovskiy

Web-developer. Working at @advice-wallet, @settle-1

ID 424722

Alexander Beletsky

Founder and CEO of @likeastore | In love with technology and beautiful design.

ID 135129

Maksym Diachenko

Lead of development in Sapiens. Founder of Mindlink Studio (2003), Teora (2011) and Sapiens (2013). Worked in Crytek (programmer) and Ubisoft (team lead).

ID 472475

Zoreslav Khimich

14+ years in software development; currently focusing on iOS and OS X platforms.

ID 332282

Vladimir Kartaviy

Co-Founder & CTO @kolektado • 10 years in @software-development • Master of Computer Science @national-technical-university-of-ukraine

ID 528173

Vladislav Gritsenko

Lead developer at @dressboom • Studied at @taras-shevchenko-national-university-of-kyiv

ID 158234

Vladimir Dybenko

Founder of @bidon-games. The first software startup in 2002. Strong management background (2 years in a big soft. com.), 1st iPhone app published in 2008

ID 271775

Stanislav Levandovsky

CEO of Reborn Ukraine. Brilliant artist and businessman. Green Awards Ukraine winner with Soundlife. The best father of his son. Bank of Ideas. Knight of light.

ID 278269

Valentin Kotelnikov

Founder @instudies

ID 260848

Dmitry Evseev

Learner • Co-Founder @startersquad • Worked at @flyr, @inquisit-health, @bilberrry

ID 289205

Roman Temchenko

Experinced iOS Engineer. Broad-minded, agile. Everything I do, I do quickly and efficiently.

ID 398600

Igor Gladchenko

Founder @recruitbinder, CTO @the-planet-of-hotels, CIO @IDGIndigo

ID 261417

Valentyna Kuzmych

Software engineer, designer and entrepreneur. Particularly interested in client-side (front end) programming (HTML/HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Less), graphic design and iOS development.

ID 143405

Vsevolod Solovyov

ID 541525

Sergey Onufrienko

CEO of Gollos. 10 year in software development.

ID 228542

Alex Pavlenko

CEO of Time Inspector. #1 in time tracking software

ID 140669

Dmitri Voronianski

Software developer, co-founder @likeastore, pixel hunter

ID 349763

Eugene Baranchuk

Product guy. Frontend adept. Founder @listex

ID 316986

Alexander Karpinskiy

Skilled technical manager and strong technical background as a developer, specializing on ASP.NET, SQL Server, and highload projects.

ID 172984

Kirill Yun

Team leader in GlobalLogic, excited with functional programming, math and bigdata

ID 355959

Igor Iatsenko

Senior Software Engineer at SAP. Strong Algorithms & Data Structures background.

ID 448912

Olga Gorobets

Highly experienced front-end developer

ID 437246

Sergey Kompanetz

Founder of Medilink, worked at as Head of IT department. Main skills: crypting, PHP, DATABASE Management. ORACAL, CISCO, Microsoft certified spec.

ID 309689

Volodymyr Vorobiov

Founder @rubygar-ge

ID 306853

Dennis Berg

Over 10 years experience in web-design and development. I build secure and usable sites and webapps.

ID 380540

Alexandr Torchenko

CTO, transurfer, life optimizer, soccer analyst, Symfony evangelist

ID 111484

Andrii Krykunenko

Worked at @railsware, @mydeco • Studied at @taras-shevchenko-national-university-of-kyiv

ID 610302

Michael Kachanovskyy

Web developer

ID 179605

Iurii Kriachko

Founder @motloh-com • Worked at @directica • Studied at @taras-shevchenko-national-university-of-kyiv

ID 711271

Oleksandr Bezhan

Passionated full stack developer looking for the exciting new project with remote job option

ID 448888

Eugeny Solovyev

Co-Founder @miritec • Worked at @kn-telecom • Studied at @national-technical-university-of-ukraine; CTO, Senior developer, Team Lead;

ID 347435

Yury Borunov

Senior Web Developer (PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3), over 6 years experience. Was involved in developing highly dynamic and interactive web projects and games.

ID 600477

Andrew Surjenko

Founder @youpick • Worked at @kaspersky-lab, @mary-kay

ID 717432

Глеб Чеботько


ID 469267

Pavlo Yakubovskyi

Fearless web developer

ID 329818

Iaroslav Karkunov

Laureate of Scholarship of the President of Ukraine. Strong math and programming background. Looking for research and creative work.

ID 664136

Yuriy Mykhalskiy

Linux kernel & embedded development hobbyst

ID 208322

Alexander Reshniuk

Strong software development background. Worked at Oberon Media, Timecode, PixelPlay. Master's In Computer Science at National Technical University Of Ukraine.

ID 793342

Sergiy Glazunov

MD in CS, worked in Barclays Cap, Wargaming, G5

ID 788278

Alex Belyi

Founder anf creator

ID 507482

Max Diachenko

Superheroic Software Engineer

ID 778320

Grygorii N QA Lead/Manager, Scrum , Project Manager

Certified Scrum Master, QA Manager at Participated in 15+ projects. 10 of them from scratch to the successful end.

ID 666134

Nikita Khlestov

i will fill this later

ID 811152

Volodymyr Gorovyi

ID 361208

Andrey Seleznov

Ruby-On-Rails Developer

ID 282057

Sergey Engstrem

Founder Knigotopia

ID 816545

Alexander Sirotenko

Software engineer in Cogniance

ID 424063

Max Pavlov

Master in Computer Science. Lead the development of large-scale distributed software systems with .Net. Current main focus are responsive web and mobile development.

ID 224086

Denys Nikolayenko

Founder @ StepInMobile • Co-founder @

ID 362551

Михаил Бортник

ID 881707

Dmitriy Khokhlov

ID 770436

Dmytro Aleksandrov

7 years in web/desktop/mobile development; 2 years in R&D; 3 years in team leadership;

ID 575503

Aleksey Kuzmenko

Web/Mobile, UI/UX Designer, Design Team Lead

ID 286494

Eduard Kantsypa

Expert in Electronics/Hardware Development incl. Consumer and Networking Equipment

ID 482457

Sergey Krivonos

CS, Full stack generalist; launched Android apps, Worked at AMD

ID 519213

Mikhail Nesterovich

C, C++, Asm programmer. Multimedia processing expert. Client-Server application programmer.

ID 543547

Roman Dutchak

System Architect

ID 214610

Alexander Chaplinsky

Web developer. Front end expert. Ruby on Rails development.

ID 321258

Andrey Kuznetsov

Core java developer, focused on server side development, high performance and low latency systems. Familiarity with machine learning

ID 442857

Vetal Matitskiy

Founder YouBuy

ID 105589

Oleksandr Skrypnyk

Software Developer @unteleported

ID 576169

Felix Lin

Heir to the Throne, 2nd in Command at Hair Care Central

ID 747368

me art

I'm skilled developer with leadership and management experience.

ID 284346

Igor Taldenko

Drupal developer

ID 851484

Oleg Puzanov

Full Stack Developer at Rush Media ApS

ID 743807

Vladimir Klevko

Belarusian State Economic University BS, Webservices/Backend, SOA Java Developer, Lunched 3 comercially succesfull products.

ID 417945

Ihor Yarovyy

Senior Java Developer. Strong technical background. Successful experience of work with projects from scratch with distributed team.

ID 487537

Andrey Tarykin

Experienced web developer. Looking opportunity to work with interesting project that helps to other people (health, sport, traveling music, yoga, etc. no adult)

ID 755633

Maksym Tkachenko

ID 850639

Daniel Niyaziev

Master of Computer science. Founder OLADAN.COM

ID 779457

Artem Sunduchkov

Experienced Audio DSP S/W Engineer, worked for Avid, Waves

ID 731496

Константин Согор

.Net guru

ID 820896

Ivan Mykhailov

ID 108047

Bohdan Chechin

Co-founder and CTO, @loum

ID 729799

Vitaly Shutko

Team Leader at Grossum. Strong knowledge in PHP. I have a good own startup

ID 567838

Ярослав Муравский

Master’s Degree at @vinnitsa-national-technical-university, worked as a Director of Technical Department at, worked on @roomlr, @shario

ID 851070

John Doe

Researcher at IRTC.

ID 119120

Vasyl Stanislavchuk

Looking for creative and smart team, that focus on impact and values.

ID 736151

Viacheslav Tykhanovskyi

Dedicated to TDD and clean code Perl developer

ID 390535

Eugene Pyvovarov

Founder of Lifeisgoodlabs and CEO of Velocity Tracker • Worked at @scancafe, @textmarks

ID 314315

Oleksandr Krakovetskyi

CEO of DevRain Solutions. Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft and Telerik MVP, Ph.D. in Computer Science.

ID 815755

Andrew Prokhorenkov

Project-oriented technician with a PhD degree in physics and vast experience in mathematics, statistics and data analysis.

ID 870074

Ivan Melnyk

NTUU KPI/ Full stack data scientist / Software security engineer

ID 582673

Alex Siman

Software engineer. Full stack web developer. Looking for remote job.

ID 639236

Andrey Tvrdovsky

Full-stack web-developer

ID 665836

Maksym Rybalchenko

ID 471544

Alexander Ivanov

Senior Engineer, worked in AMD, Barclays Capital. Love elegant solutions no matter what language is used.

ID 879102

Dmitriy Sukhomlynov


ID 505627

Georgii Kats

My working plan is simple - reduce needless complexity and find simple elegant solutions.

ID 585644

Vitaly Domnikov


ID 457609


Founder YesYouCan

ID 483098



ID 872226

Tony Tomko

Working at Playson

ID 595090

Alex Dedusenko

I worked on projects for clients ranging from web development to brand-new startups.

ID 584240

Sasha Prohorenko

ID 874357

Andrew Komarov

check the resume

ID 441285

Artur Melanchyk

Experienced web developer, worked at Ciklum

ID 577301

Sergey Ganziy

Founder GoExcursion

ID 458162

Nikita Kotenko

ID 484262

Nickolay Polishchuk

Lead software engineer at @developex

ID 596643

Roman Karpovich

ID 530542

Maxim I

Business analyst, technical team leader.

ID 484182

Stanislav Synko

Over 8 years in IT, built over 20 web based projects, founded 2 startups and one service company.

ID 99511

Nick Bugaiov

Your bio can't be blank

ID 313552

Konstantin Medvedenko

Don't Panic

ID 95532

Vladyslav Tserman

Software Engineer @GenesysLab, Inc. My projects often involve Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Google App Engine

ID 232776

Anton Pets

Web Developer

ID 312070

Anton Vasilkovsky

ID 439466

Evgenij Pirogov

Willing to participate in making people's lives easier by means of power of computation.

ID 360315

Ivan Ivaschenko


ID 139817


Strong back-end java developer; Worked at Deutsche bank, @ubs bank

ID 72116

Alexander Nechyporenko

Lead Software Engineer at The Frayman Group

ID 222537

Olga Aksyonenko

The last ten years working as PHP team leader on large projects. Interests: building, designing and testing the security of web applications and web services.

ID 302209

Andrew Sokolov

Over 3+ years of software engineering, Hands-on experience with different technologies and platforms, knowledge of best practices of software architecture

ID 90855

Paul Roik

Strong technological background. Worked as programmer.

ID 146618

Oleg Kalyta

Worked at @ciklum

ID 420832

Evgeny Derkach


More than 10 years in web development. More than 100 completed web projects with different level of difficulty

ID 265235

Oleg Botvenko

ID 385983

Vitalii Hudyma

Front-end dev

ID 94770

Roman M.

ID 306213

Dmitra Kyianytsia

Software developer and product manager using javascript as native language for building rich UI applications. Entrepreneur with customer development in mind.

ID 348677

Illya Osa

Im expert UI/UX developer and designer with 9 years experience. I'll be glad to help you with ui/ux for mobile and web apps. Also i'm professional coder.

ID 218214

Dmitry Parshenko

Productive full-stack web developer

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